• “As healthcare practitioners, our real education begins with the patients who don’t respond to treatment the way our textbooks said they should.”

    - Dr. Martha Rich

For more than 30 years, Dr. Martha Rich has been inspiring dentists, doctors, and other medical professionals to embrace a more preventive, whole-body approach to dentistry, health, and wellness. Her lectures and seminars focus on some of the most advanced concepts in neuromuscular dentistry, functional occlusion, TMJ dysfunction, chronic pain, nutrition, and preventive medicine.

Approaching individual pathogenic conditions from the broader standpoint of whole-body health, Dr. Rich teaches dental treatment solutions that strive to preserve or improve the existing function and health of whole-body systems. Her unique insight into the relationships between oral health and whole-body health also offers medical professionals practical diagnostic guidance on the possible interplay between dysfunctional or pathogenic conditions in the mouth and systemic or chronic disease in the body.

Dr. Rich’s seminars are not only appropriate for dentists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals, but also for general audiences of all ages interested in prevention and self-care. With warmth, humor, and a common-sense approach to healthcare, Dr. Rich transforms some of the most complex ideas in pain management, nutrition, and preventive medicine into easy-to-understand, practical advice that everyone can use at home, at school, or at work to improve their overall health, decrease pain, and reduce illness.