• Dr. Rich offers lectures and workshops appropriate for medical and dental professionals, as well as general audiences of all ages.

Lecture Overview

Dr. Martha Rich offers informational and educational experiences for a wide variety of audiences and in multiple formats. Her lectures and workshops on temporomandibular joint disorders, functional occlusion, and interceptive orthodontics comprise a comprehensive, post-graduate series for dentists and orthodontists seeking to understand and utilize the concepts of neuromuscular dentistry and treat TMJ disorders within their practices.

For medical professionals and general audiences, Dr. Rich also offers a Wellness Series exploring the multiple connections between oral health and whole body health. These extremely versatile and entertaining lectures can each be adjusted in length and complexity to offer valuable information to anyone from a highly-trained medical professional to an interested layperson or student.

For a more detailed description of Dr. Rich’s current course offerings, please use the navigation to the right. Pre-scheduled courses with open registration are offered from time to time and will be highlighted on this page when available. All lectures are available for private engagements. Appropriate booking venues for Dr. Rich include but are not limited to the following:

  • Medical or dental study clubs and conventions
  • General health and wellness conventions
  • Corporate health fairs
  • Senior center health fairs
  • Middle school, high school, and college audiences