• "It is not enough to treat the joints and muscles when people are in pain - we also have to protect against causing an imbalance in the first place. "

    - Dr. Martha Rich

Everyday Neuromuscular Dentistry

For Dental Professionals

Even the most minor dental procedures we perform everyday can have a major impact on a patient’s bite. Fillings, individual crowns or veneers, bite adjustments, and even regular hygiene appointments can all be opportunities to preserve, improve, or detract from the patient’s existing functional balance.

In Everyday Neuromuscular Dentistry, Dr. Rich explains how a neuromuscular approach to every appointment in your practice can help your patients experience less discomfort and better functionality both in and out of the dental chair. Whether you treat TMD or not, this course will help you understand which patients may be at risk for joint complications, how to prevent those complications during regular treatment, and when further treatment may be necessary.

Presentation Formats:

Standard Workshop:       1 day
Custom Workshop:          Please contact Dr. Rich through the Contact Page for more information.

Audience Takeaways:

For Dentists:

    • Evaluating, documenting and tracking the stability of the bite, muscles, and joint at each exam
    • How to approach individual tooth restoration from a neuromuscular perspective
    • How much equilibration is too much, and when functional treatment should be considered instead

For Hygienists and Auxiliaries:

    • How certain periodontal issues can be caused by bite imbalances, and what to do about them
    • How your auxiliaries can help your patients avoid muscle strain and discomfort