• "Many adult cases of TMD could have been avoided with guided eruption of the secondary dentition through growth and development."

    - Dr. Martha Rich

Interceptive Orthodontics

For Dental Professionals

Many of the functional disorders of the jaw that adults experience can be prevented in childhood through the proper support of natural growth and development. Even the most complex cases of crowding and congenitally missing dentition can be supported and improved with the use of functional appliances. Bite correction is possible at almost any age, but helping the body put the teeth in the right place from the start is the ideal for long-term joint health, muscle function, and occlusal stability.

In Interceptive Orthodontics, Dr. Rich discusses when and how to use functional appliances in children for the guided eruption of secondary dentition. For children and teens who require further occlusal development, functional techniques can also be applied to straight-wire orthodontics to create solid, beautiful occlusal function that will last a lifetime.

Participants in Interceptive Orthodontics are not required to have completed previous orthodontic course-work. A knowledge of straight-wire orthodontics and clear aligner systems is helpful to the discussions of further alignment and occlusal development after appliance therapy, but a dentist may also choose to refer to another orthodontic provider familiar with functional techniques when these finishing treatments are necessary.

Presentation Formats:

Standard Course:         One 2-day course
Custom Course:            Please contact Dr. Rich through the Contact Page for more information.

Day 1:

Introduction to Functional Orthodontics for Children and Teens:

    • Introduction to functional appliances that support natural growth and development
    • How and when to evaluate a child for functional correction
    • Evaluating airway and tongue function in relation to occlusion
    • Calculating how much expansion is needed and choosing the appropriate appliances
    • Bite registrations for functional appliances
    • Case study evaluation of necessary extractions and when to perform them on children
    • Finishing, holding patterns, and evaluation for Phase II

Day 2:

Phase II and Finishing Options for Children and Teens:

    • Discussion of what clear aligners can and cannot do in relation to functional orthodontics
    • Differences in approach to straight wire techniques between traditional orthodontics and functional orthodontics
    • Distalization vs. occlusal development
    • Finishing appliances and final retention
    • The importance of final retention and preventive joint protection
    • Common relapse situations and how to treat them