• "Decreased vertical dimension can often be restored orthodontically, preserving valuable tooth structure in the process."

    - Dr. Martha Rich

Functional Orthodontics for
Restoring Vertical Dimension

For Dental Professionals

In Functional Orthodontics for Restoring Vertical Dimension, Dr. Rich explains all aspects of Phase II orthodontic treatment for patients who have stabilized through Phase I but remain unable to wean away from full-time use of the orthotic. Utilizing numerous case studies from her own practice, as well as in-class demonstrations, Dr. Rich will show you how to build upon the healing achieved through Phase I treatment, and help you understand how to create and perform a fully restorative orthodontic treatment plan that utilizes and retains the progress already achieved in Phase I.

Participants in Functional Orthodontics for Restoring Vertical Dimension should have completed Advanced TMD Treatment prior to registering for this course, or have prior experience with TMD stabilization and electronic jaw scanning. An understanding of straight-wire orthodontics is also useful, as the basics of bracketing and force magnitude will not be covered. Please contact Dr. Rich directly through the Contact Page if you have any questions about which course or series may be appropriate for you.

Presentation Formats:

Standard Course:         2 days
Custom Course:            Please contact Dr. Rich through the Contact Page for more information.

Day 1:

Evaluation & Treatment Planning:

    • Evaluating stabilization success of Phase I treatment and determining if orthodontic treatment alone is the best restorative option for your patient
    • Diagnostic scans and interpretation for Phase II orthodontic treatment planning
    • How your patient’s perspective and participation in Phase II treatment planning can influence the ultimate success or failure of treatment
    • How to use information gathered from orthotic therapy to plan the final position of teeth

Day 2:

Functional Appliances and Occlusal Development with Brackets:

    • Introduction to functional appliance therapy for adults with comparison to distalization techniques and the advantages of expansion over extraction
    • When, why, and which teeth to consider for extraction
    • How to address expansion issues in cases with previous 4-bicuspid, 2-bicuspid, or other unbalanced extractions
    • Occlusal development with straight-wire orthodontics or with posterior brackets only
    • Combination treatments
    • The importance of final retention and preventive joint protection
    • Common relapse situations and how to treat them
    • Case studies