Early Orthodontic Intervention with Functional Appliances

For Dental Professionals

Crowding may be present in up to 75% of children today. Crowding is often due to more than simply tooth and jaw size discrepancies. Many parents are actively seeking non-extraction (or minimal extraction) orthodontics. In this course, participants will learn the common causes of crowding and how to correct them at an early age.

BeforeEarly intervention often results in less time needed in braces, or may eliminate the need for braces altogether. Many of the functional disorders of the jaw that adults experience can be prevented in childhood through the proper support of natural growth and development. Even the most complex cases of crowding and congenitally missing dentition can be supported and improved with the use of functional appliances. Bite correction is possible at almost any age, but helping the body put the teeth in the right place from the start is the ideal for long-term joint health, muscle function, and occlusal stability.

AfterIn Early Orthodontic Intervention with Functional Appliances, participating dentists will learn the skills they need to diagnose and treat, or refer young patients for optimal orthopedic development to support healthy joints, muscles, airway, and occlusion. Participants will be encouraged to actively manage cases between sessions. They will also be encouraged to give short presentations and provide case updates for discussion. This course model allows participants to learn from each other as well as the instructor. However, Dr. Rich will be available for consultation and support throughout the entire process.

Participants in Early Intervention with Functional Appliances are not required to have completed previous orthodontic course-work.

Registration Information

All sessions of Early Orthodontic Intervention with Functional Appliances will be taught in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Study club size is limited to 15 dentists.

Study Club Dates
Four Non-Consecutive Fridays
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM each Friday

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November 20, 2015
January 15, 2016
February 26, 2016

CE Credit and Tuition
28 Participation CE Credit hours
AGD Subject Code: 370 Orthodontics or 430 Pediatric Dentistry

$1995 AGD Member
$2495 Non-AGD Member
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Course space is limited; early registration is recommended.

Course Content

At the conclusion of this course, participants will have learned:

  • How to assess growth and development in children for orthopedic health
  • How to manage airway and tongue problems, and when to refer to a specialist
  • How and when functional appliances are appropriate in early intervention of growth problems
  • Comprehensive examination and diagnostic record procedures
  • Ideal treatment planning and timing
  • Effective case presentations
  • How to determine which types of functional appliances to use
  • How to take bite registrations and proper adjustment of functional appliances
  • Guided eruption of the permanent dentition
  • How to hold expansion and evaluate for further treatment