• "We have to know if and where stable, pain-free occlusion exists before making any permanent changes to the bite."

    - Dr. Martha Rich

Advanced TMD Treatment

For Dental Professionals

In Advanced TMD Treatment, Dr. Rich continues where her Introductory course left off. The focus is on treating complex and severe cases of TMD with a non-surgical approach in order to achieve stabilization before progressing on to Phase II. Advanced diagnostics utilizing electronic jaw scanning and an in-class demonstration of the fabrication of a custom orthotic are the main features of the course. Phase II evaluation and treatment planning are introduced, but in-depth instruction on Phase II treatment will be reserved for courses in the Restoring Vertical Dimension series.

Advanced TMD Treatment participants should complete an Introduction to TMD Treatment prior to registering for this class, or have prior experience with neuromuscular dentistry and basic TMD treatment. Please contact Dr. Rich directly through the Contact Page if you have any questions about which course or series may be appropriate for you.

Presentation Formats:

Standard Course:         2½ days
Custom Course:            Please contact Dr. Rich through the Contact Page for more information.

Day 1:

Electronic Jaw Scanning:

    • Overview of electronic jaw scanning systems and how they work
    • In-class demonstration of Electromyography (EMG), Craniomandibular Scans, TMJ Sonography and Velocity, Electronic Registration, and other diagnostic scans
    • TENS as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool for advanced TMD treatment
    • How models, clinical photos, chairside observations, and the electronic bite registration inform and affect custom orthotic fabrication

Day 2:

Custom Orthotic Fabrication:

    • In-class demonstration of the fabrication, delivery, and adjustment of a custom orthotic
    • Treatment length, adjustment frequency, and coordinating complimentary therapies
    • Stabilization and weaning
    • Options for patients who do not stabilize

Day 3:

Case Studies & Introduction to Phase II:

    • Post-treatment electronic scanning & evaluation for Phase II for patients who stabilize but are unable to wean off the orthotic successfully
    • Options for patients who do not stabilize