• "The functional and biological balance of the mouth can affect your entire body, even down to your toes."

    - Dr. Martha Rich


For Medical Professionals, Dental Professionals, and the General Public

Not every ache or pain in the body can be related to a bite imbalance or airway issue, but a surprising number of secondary symptoms and syndromes can emerge in many patients who suffer with malocclusion: headaches; earaches; eye pain; shoulder, neck, and back pain; and even metabolic disorders related to the nutritional deficiencies that can result from the inability to chew adequately.

In this fascinating lecture, Dr. Rich explores how malocclusion can contribute to specific sets of secondary symptoms and what happens when the bite is not addressed. This course is a terrific primer on Neuromuscular Dentistry for any practitioner or layperson interested in the ways in which dentistry and medicine often overlap.

This lecture also combines very well with The Mouth as a Mirror into a full-day seminar on dentistry and medicine for internists, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, other healthcare professionals, or the general public.

Presentation Formats:

Keynote Length:        30 to 90 minutes
Workshop Length:     2 hours or ½-day

Audience Takeaways:

Medical and Dental Professionals:

    • An introduction to three-dimensional jaw function and why tooth position matters
    • An introduction to the role of tongue function and airway
    • Specific sets of secondary symptoms that often point to malocclusion and TMD
    • What to look for in the mouth and other simple screening techniques to determine if your patient might have a bite imbalance
    • When to refer to a neuromuscular dentist for a bite evaluation

General Public:

    • Why your bite could be a problem
    • An introduction to three-dimensional jaw function, tongue function, and airway
    • Specific symptoms that are related to or can be exacerbated by a bite imbalance
    • When to seek out a bite evaluation and what to look for in a neuromuscular dentist