• "The mouth can be a remarkable barometer for the overall health of the entire body."

    - Dr. Martha Rich

The Mouth As A Mirror

For Medical Professionals, Dental Professionals, and the General Public

Stress and malnutrition are two of the primary controllable factors contributing to the healthcare crisis in the United States right now. Often, the early effects of these factors can be seen in the teeth and gums long before the diagnoses of diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease can be made.

In this highly adaptable lecture, Dr. Rich discusses the intricate relationships between inflammatory disease in the mouth and systemic disease throughout the body. Focusing on early detection and prevention, Dr. Rich explains how better partnerships between medical and dental professionals can help patients better identify and improve controllable factors before systemic disease begins.

This lecture also combines very well with It’s All Connected into a full-day seminar on dentistry and medicine for internists, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, other healthcare professionals, or the general public.

Presentation Formats:

Keynote Length:        30 to 60 minutes
Workshop Length:     2 hours or ½-day

Audience Takeaways:

Medical Professionals:

    • Drugs and medical diagnoses that can have serious dental complications
    • What to look for in the mouth
    • When to refer to a dentist
    • Simple dental screenings that can be easily incorporated into every medical exam

Dental Professionals:

    • Overview of systemic diseases commonly associated with dental diagnoses
    • How to talk to patients about medical concerns beyond the mouth
    • When to refer to a medical provider
    • Simple medical screenings that can be easily incorporated into every dental exam.

General Public:

    • Focus on importance of dental home-care and nutrition
    • Dental conditions that should never be ignored
    • When you should consult a dentist and/or doctor and how to create your own integrated medical/dental team
    • The realities of dental insurance and when you should really consider paying out of pocket